Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Painted by Kara?

Painted by Kara guarantees skill and prioritizes safety with all of our services. Our artists have years of training to help provide clients with a lasting impression and happy memories. We are also fully insured, and only use top quality products. Other artists in the area that charge a much lower rate typically provide their services as a hobby and do not take the same safety precautions, often using cheap craft products that can be very unsafe. They may also lack speed, design quality, and professional appearance.

What is your set up? Do I need to provide anything?

Artists arrive 10-15 minutes before the event start time for set up, and in most cases will bring everything they need including a table and chair. Our only request is protection from outside elements such as direct sunlight or rain.

How do I wash/remove your products from the skin?

All products are cosmetic grade and should be removed using gentle products made for the skin such makeup removers or cosmetic oils. Face Paint:

  1. Apply a small amount of soap directly to the skin
  2. Add a little water to create a lather over the design
  3. Gently wipe the paint off with a damp cloth or paper towel
*Some color may lightly stain the skin, apply baby oil or makeup remover to the area and wipe away with a cloth. Repeat the soap/water process if necessary. Waterproof Face Paint:
  1. Apply a gentle makeup remover or baby oil directly over the design, let sit for a few minutes to help break down the face paint then gently wipe away with a cloth
  2. Follow the Face Paint removal instructions above for any residual paint
Glitter Tattoos:
  1. Apply baby oil directly over the design, let sit for a few minutes to help break down the cosmetic body glue then gently wipe away with a cloth

Why are professional products so important? Can't you buy cheaper products at a hobby store, like acrylic paint or craft glitter? Or buy balloons off Amazon?

Craft products should never be applied to the skin. Even if a craft paint says it’s washable or non-toxic this does not mean it’s safe and it may contain chemicals and irritants that can harm the skin. Craft glitter is often made of metal with jagged edges that can damage the eyes. It's better to think of our professional-grade products as "cosmetic makeup". Painted by Kara only uses top quality brands that are hypoallergenic, FDA compliant, and formulated for use on the skin. All glitters are cosmetic grade, made of polyester and have a rounded shape to avoid any eye irritation. While we dont want to make a blanket statment, most cheap balloons fall under the "you pay for what you get" category. The balloons we use for twisiting and decor are the highest quality and can last for days with proper indoor care. Low cost balloon decor "kits" that are sold online can advertise misleading images showing bigger and fancier displays than what will actually be acheived.

What about sensitivities, allergies and bacteria?

If a child has a history of sensitivities/allergies it is the client's responsibility to notify the artist immediately so the artist can perform a small patch test on the inner wrist to test reactivity. Professional grade paints are anti-microbial, and therefore do not play a welcome host to bacteria, fungi, and mold. All equipment is sanitized and cleaned between each event. Artists will not apply paint to the face on anyone appearing sick, or any areas with open wounds, eczema or sunburn.

Do I have to pay a deposit? What is the booking process?

A small non-refundable retainer fee (deposit) is required to book services. This amount is deducted from the total balance and not an additional cost. To begin the process first complete the form on our " Request a Quote" page, we will respond within 24 hours with a quote. Once the details have been agreed upon the client will be emailed a link to a private webpage where the retainer fee can be paid and our service agreement can be e-signed online.

Who is Painted by Kara?

Kara is the owner and lead artist behind Painted by Kara. ​​ In 2015 Kara was working as a freelance makeup artist when she discovered face painting and immediately fell in love with the art form! Since then she has added glitter tattoos, body painting, and balloon twisting to her list of services to better serve her clients, and has gained a large network of artist friends in the Austin area. In 2019 Kara will add "instructor" to her list of achievements as she teaches her first class at the Austin Convention for Entertainers.

COVID-19 Safety Information

The health and safety of clients is our top priority. The following practices are now the standard to help the spread of COVID. The primary artist of Painted by Kara is fully vaccinated. All Services:

  • Artists are required to wear a mask
  • Artists will sanitize their hands between guests
  • Numbers can be given to guests to encourage social distancing and avoid lines
Face Painting:
  • Artists will use brush sanitizer, 70% alcohol, and hand sanitizer in their kits
  • Brushes and paints are frequently sanitized throughout the event
  • Artists will use one sponge per color per person
  • Artist can paint from the nose up, avoiding areas covered by a mask, or on the arm
Glitter Tattoos:
  • Skin is prepped with individually packaged alcohol pads
  • Only disposable glitter stencils will be used, one per person
  • Poofer glitter bottles will be used to minimize brush use
  • All tools will be sanitized between guests
Clients are encouraged to contact Painted by Kara with any questions about safety protocols for their event.